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Low Flow

low flow and unpiggable lines: dealing with the toughest spots in your pipeline system

Where are the biggest challenges in your midstream systems? For many operators, the most significant problems occur in gathering systems, where the gas and oil contain more contaminants (particularly water and H2S) and where the design of the system does not allow for easy maintenance and cleaning.?

Nalco Champion works with midstream operators to find the right chemical management program for these problem areas. We can help protect your system against pipeline failures and plugging events that sap your system off its efficiency.

internal corrosion

Gathering systems are plagued with corrosion in lines with stagnant fluids that cannot be readily cleaned. We can design a program for you that monitors your lines and lowers the probability of corrosive build-up that threatens your valuable assets.

proper system Design

How do you prevent leaks and system breakdowns in low flow and unpiggable lines? It all starts with the proper design of a chemical management program. Let us talk to you about the current design of your system, and how we can bring the right technologies to it.

microbial attack

Nothing attracts oilfield microbes like a slow-moving system with lots of water in it. Nalco Champion has the most effective evaluation and treatment options available to address microbiological challenges in these difficult-to-treat areas of your system.

foaming technologies

In many low-flow and unpiggable systems the challenge is not just getting the right chemistry in place, but getting the right chemistry to the section of your gathering system where problems are occurring. Nalco Champion has designed chemical systems with enough foaming tendency to push the chemistry along the pipeline, but not too much foaming that could upset the system downstream.