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pipeline cleaners: keeping your system flowing

By their nature, produced hydrocarbons are filled with organic and inorganic entities that can create sludge and deposits that plate out on pipelines and in storage and processing equipment. The trick to maintaining peak efficiency in your lines is a proactive cleaning program that keeps deposits from forming. When deposits do occur, our proprietary cleaning formulations are designed to remove the toughest oil and gas deposits.

Nalco Champion has extensive experience designing and executing chemical management programs for pipelines, storage facilities and rail cars. We know how to cover all the bases when it comes to keeping your midstream systems clean.

clean n cor

Nalco Champion's cleaning and corrosion mitigation program is field-tested many times over, bringing you a superior level of surfactant technology to clean deposits, and corrosion chemistry that binds to the metal surface to inhibit future deposit build-up.

pigging and inspection

We work hand in hand with inspection and pigging service companies to get the right set of chemicals in the line before and after critical cleaning and inspection services.

tailored chemical solutions

Not all build-up in a pipeline can be removed with surfactant chemistries. Paraffin and scale build-up along the wall of a pipeline calls for a unique set of chemical mitigation technologies. Nalco Champion has a comprehensive toolkit to deal with cleaning paraffin, microbial and scale build-up in a pipeline and in associated processing and storage facilities.?

proper system design

How do you assure you have the right chemical management program to clean dirty systems and keep them clean? System design is the heart of the Nalco Champion offering to our midstream customers. Talk to us about our proprietary cleaning programs.